Biljana is the visionary artist of Whirling Wisdom Art Creations. She practises art and the integrative expressive ways, in spiritual awareness. Her sacred canvases/paintings have been exhibited internationally, and recognized in diverse media and publications. Her other creations include: floor murals; illustrations of children’s books, collections of StainedGlass Dreamcatches; Spirit Shields; Hand Drums, Didgeridoos and other spirited manifestations.

A Certified Lead-Artist Educator, that practises multi-disciplinary arts in rays of diverse cultural understandings in unifying Rainbow Bridge. She has built and established her art studio in the Highlands East and leads a way of sustainable living on her land at SpiraGate of Art & Wellness.
Whirling Wisdom Studio is a two story loft with “Wishing Well” mural on the top level and celestial manifestation at the entrance way. Not to be missed! Her land includes: visionary permaculture “ancestral egg garden”, “wheel of life” and musical Garden.